The most delightful macadamia nut trail mixes for your next adventure

The most delightful macadamia nut trail mixes for your next adventure

Picture it: A day away from the hustle of life, your to-do list, your email, and maybe even your phone. You’re enjoying the sunshine while surrounded by nature’s peaceful joy in all of its calm and charming bliss.

Many outdoor activities relish in the utopia of nature, but there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a long day of hiking. Combining nature, physical activity, and the marvelous sense of accomplishment after finishing a trail. It can be even more true on National Trail Mix Day if you pack a homemade trail mix loaded with your favorite dried fruits and, of course, our favorite nuts (macadamias, obviously)!

Trail mix is a perfect and nutritious snack for any outdoors enthusiast because it’s customizable, energy-packed, and easy on the go. Thinking about this perfect snack made us wonder – where exactly did the tradition of trail mix begin? Read on as we stroll down the path that brought us trail mix and share some of our favorite macadamia nut recipes!

What is National Trail Mix Day?

Celebrated on August 31, National Trail Mix Day is a day to champion the delightful and portable snack loved by hikers and – let’s be honest – health food lovers worldwide. While the exact origin of trail mix is unknown, it’s thought to have gained popularity in the United States when outdoorsman Horace Kephart recommended it in his popular camping guide in the 1910s. Kephart loved the lightweight and energy-packed snack because it could easily be carried on long hikes.

Typically, trail mix includes a combination of sweet and savory ingredients like nuts, dried fruits, raisins, granola, seeds, pretzels, and sometimes chocolate, though we prefer balanced to hyper-sweet. This combination of naturally sweet and subtly salty makes our taste buds dance and is likely what contributes to the popularity and love of trail mix. In addition, you can customize trail mix with various ingredients to suit your taste.

Why are we celebrating National Trail Mix Day?

Love Macadamia™ is on a mission to champion healthy and balanced lifestyles and spread the love of macadamia nuts. Being active and eating a well-balanced diet helps keep us fit and energized. So, we strive to find healthy options to help supplement your fitness activities, like hiking!

Creating your own trail mix is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the nuts we love oh so much and get more of the ‘good fats’ and essential nutrients found in those scrumptious little morsels. It’s also a good time to practice balancing flavors with nutritional aspects as they relate to your overall health and wellness goals to create a mix that’s uniquely you.

We love trail mix (and macadamia nuts) so much that we’ve put together a few easy macadamia-inspired trail mix recipes you’re sure to fall in love with!


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A bowl of healthy trail mix with macadamia nuts and dried fruit.
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Customizable macadamia-inspired trail mix recipes you can make at home!

Because of its versatility of ingredients, trail mix can range from healthy and full of vital nutrients to not-so-healthy (think loads of sugar-coated chocolates). When creating a healthy trail mix recipe, it’s important to balance nutrient-rich ‘good fats’ with vitamin-filled dried fruits. Using these can keep you energized and sustained during long hikes, biking trips, or any activity that gives you that blissful feeling of balance.

Need a kickstart on some trail mix ideas? Try this Classic Macadamia Nut Trail Mix or find even more inspiration on our Pinterest board! You’re sure to find the perfect harmony between the healthy snack your body needs and the delicious flavors your mouth craves!

Fueling your greatest adventures

Life is a journey. Navigating that journey involves ensuring we are our best and most authentic selves. At Love Macadamia™, we love to offer tips, recipes, and facts that can help guide your wellness journey, no matter which trail you may find yourself on.

Now it’s up to you! What will be your next adventure for National Trail Mix Day? If you used one of our trail mix recipes or created one of your own, be sure to share it with us on social media using the hashtag #lovemacadamia and tagging @loveofmacadamia. We can’t wait to see all the places macadamias will take you!