3 ways to add macadamia nuts to a balanced diet

3 ways to add macadamia nuts to a balanced diet

We all want to have it all – picture-perfect health, a happy and healthy mindset, and full lives – a euphorically balanced life. A well-balanced lifestyle is a difficult feat, it’s more than just monitoring the foods you eat. It’s about finding meaningful and intentional ways to feel more whole and complete – body, mind, and mood.

A great start on the journey to optimal health is following a wholefood diet. The goal of a wholefood diet is to ensure that the foods you eat are simple in nature, with minimal to no added ingredients or preservatives. It’s about enjoying wholefoods for their nutritiously delicious simplicity. And if the wholefoods you are consuming are also superfoods the benefits are undeniable!

How do nuts fit into the wholefoods story?

Nuts are an incredibly easy way to add balance and nutrition to your diet because they are delicious, natural, whole foods that are easy to consume on the go or incorporate into a meal. Their minimal processing and handling means you enjoy their simple and nutritional benefits more fully.

And in the case of macadamias, the good fats and Omega fatty acids help keep you fuller longer and can even fight inflammation when compared to other nuts.

Let’s take a look at our personal favorite superfood (macadamias) and see just how easy it is to add them to your diet!


3 simple ways to add macadamias to your diet

Build-Your-Own Macadamia Trail Mix

We love trail mix! Simply start with macadamias of your choice (roasted, raw, salted or unsalted) and add a few simple whole ingredients to make it your own: pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, dried fruits or anything that makes you feel happy and whole. The addition of macadamias in your trail mix adds the nutritional benefit of Omega fatty acids 3, 6, 7, and 9 to keep you full longer for a full day on the trail or doing whatever else you love to do. In addition to the good fats that can help fight inflammation, macadamias may also help lower cholesterol, keep you fuller longer, and are great for people on specialized diets like low-glycemic index, keto, vegan, and many more. See more trail mix recipes on our Pinterest board!

Toppings in Salads, Smoothies, or Snacks

You’re already making your smoothie bowl. Why not top it off with some macadamia pieces?! The little bit of crunch on top is a wonderful addition to the creamy and smooth meal. The same goes for your favorite salads, yogurts, or any food that you’d like to add a little extra texture and delightful taste. The unique creamy texture and decadent flavor of macadamias brings a little luxury to your everyday staples. Find more creative ways to use macadamias on our Pinterest board!

Macadamia Milk

Whether you make your own or purchase from a retailer, macadamia milk provides an unbeatable creamy and smooth texture that sets it apart from other milks. Not to mention, it’s a dairy-free, lactose-free, and plant-based alternative you can use in a range of applications. From enjoying a glass with a meal, to incorporating it into your favorite baking recipes, and of course, using it as a coffee creamer! Macadamia milk is a simple way to add these delicious nuts to your wholefood diet. Take a look at some other unique plant-based and vegetarian macadamia recipes on our Pinterest board!

“Macadamia nuts are a simple, but extraordinary, whole food that is simple to use, serve, and enjoy.”

macadamia nut hummus in a bowl
woman blending a smoothie
Bowl of salad with Macadamias

Macadamia nuts are a simple, but extraordinary, wholefood that is simple to use, serve, and enjoy. Their versatility makes them a perfect pairing for any meal putting you well on your way to the balanced wholefood lifestyle you’re seeking. If you haven’t tried macadamia nuts yet, you’re missing out! We feel confident that if you give them a go, they will be your new go-to wholefood. 

We want to be your partner in wellness

Often the best way to make a positive change in your life is to start simple. And what’s more simple than natural, wholefood ingredients like macadamias?

One of our goals at Love Macadamia ™ is to share resources that support nutritious diets, active lifestyles, and healthy moods. We achieve this by celebrating the health benefits of macadamias and demonstrating how easy they are to incorporate into your wellness plan.

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