How to roast macadamia nuts – including in your air fryer!

How to roast macadamia nuts – including in your air fryer!

Have you ever wondered how the delicious nuts you love go from their hard shells into your favorite snacks?

Macadamias, like all nuts, go through an intricate drying process before going into the packages you purchase in the store. Generally, the nuts in those packages are already roasted so you can quickly get to snacking or using them in your favorite dishes. Roasting nuts helps intensify their flavors and contributes to that satisfying crunch you love.

But if you’re feeling crafty, you could try roasting them yourself. And there’s no easier way to roast nuts than in your air fryer!

Let’s take a look at how to make the perfect air fryer roasted macadamia nuts and some fun flavors you can use to spice them up!

How to Roast Macadamia Nuts in An Air Fryer

Let’s be honest, has there ever been a more convenient cooking gadget than the air fryer?! It’s the perfect tool for quickly toasting and roasting your favorite dishes without the added oils that come from traditional frying. Air fryers use convection heat to ensure foods are browned and crispy on the outside but remain moist and tender on the inside.

When it comes to macadamia nuts, an air fryer works so well to roast them because it heats the natural oils present in the nut. The heated macadamia oils gently roast the exterior to create the delicate crunch we associate with macadamias while preserving the creamy smooth interior.

And while that may sound like a technical process, roasting macadamia nuts in an air fryer is actually quite simple and quick!

Cooking Instructions

  1. For plain roasted macadamia nuts, place whole, raw macadamia kernels in the tray or basket of your air fryer.
    • If you have a macadamia tree or purchased macadamias still in the shell, be sure to crack them open and discard the shells before roasting.
  2. Spread the nuts out in a single layer.
  3. Air fry at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for about 3-4 minutes or until perfectly golden, tossing the basket at about halfway through to ensure even roasting.
  4. Remove from air fryer and serve!

If you prefer the roasted nuts flavored or seasoned, just add a light coating of macadamia or avocado oil before roasting and toss in any seasonings of your choice. That’s it! Who knew you were just 4 minutes away from enjoying warm, scrumptious roasted macadamia nuts right in the comfort of your own home?

How to Roast Macadamia Nuts the Traditional Way

Don’t have an air fryer? No worries! Macadamia nuts can also be roasted in two conventional ways: in the oven or on the stove.

  • Oven Roasted Macadamia Nuts
    • Give the raw macadamias a light spray with macadamia or avocado oil and a sprinkle of sea salt to taste.
    • Spread evenly in a single layer on a baking sheet.
    • Bake at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 8-10 minutes or until lightly golden.
    • Gently shake the pan about halfway through the process to ensure even roasting.
    • Remove from pan and serve.
    • Pro Tip: be sure to watch them very closely! Macadamia nuts can quickly go from not-quite-right to over-done in the oven so it’s best to keep a close watch.


  • Pan Roasted Macadamia Nuts
    • Heat a frying pan over medium/high heat either dry or with a little macadamia or avocado oil.
    • Add the macadamia nuts to the pan and allow them to heat up.
    • Move the macadamia nuts around the pan to stop them from sticking and to make sure they cook evenly.
    • Roast for about 15 minutes or until golden.
    • Remove from pan, add a sprinkle of sea salt for taste, and serve.
    • Pro Tip: Just like oven roasting, pan roasting requires close attention so the nuts do not burn.


“No matter which method you choose for roasting your macadamias, there’s always an opportunity to transcend their flavor with a little added kick! ”

How to Add Flavor to Your Roasted Macadamia Nuts

No matter which method you choose for roasting your macadamias, there’s always an opportunity to transcend their flavor with a little added kick! 

Whether you’re in the mood for classic salted, want a spicy kick, or have a taste for something a little sweet, adding flavor to macadamias is incredibly simple. During air frying, simply coat the macadamia nuts in a small amount of oil of your choice and toss in your favorite seasonings before placing them into the air fryer.

For oven and pan roasting, it’s best to add any flavors to the nuts after they have fully roasted. Once they reach golden brown, remove them from the pan and toss in a heat-safe bowl with any seasonings your heart desires!

Here are some of our favorite flavored macadamia ideas you can use as inspiration!

How Macadamias Can be a Shining Star this Holiday Season

Roasted and flavored macadamia nuts are perfect for gift giving! Once you roast and flavor them to your desired taste, get creative with some fun packaging. Plus, in an air-tight container, roasted macadamia nuts can maintain their freshness for up to six months.

Share them with family and friends, coworkers, or anyone you want to spread the love of macadamias with. (Just be sure to keep these delicious nuts away from your pups or anyone who may have a tree nut allergy).

Can’t wait until the holidays? Roasted macadamia nuts are great for everyday snacking because they are easy to store and carry, making them the perfect go-to treat when you’re on the go!

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