Macadamia nuts: part of a grain-free lifestyle

Macadamia nuts: part of a grain-free lifestyle

You may already know about gluten-free diets and the benefits that come along with cutting out gluten from your diet. But what do you know about grain-free diets?

February 21 is National Grain-Free Day! An entire day dedicated to raising awareness about grain-free eating and the many benefits it offers. But what exactly does a grain-free diet look like and why is it so important?

Let’s break down the origins of National Grain-Free Day and see how macadamia nuts fit into the story.

What is National Grain-Free Day?

Your health journey is multi-faceted. The food you eat, the activities you do, the sleep you get, and the self-care you practice all play major roles in your overall health. Even something small like eating the wrong food or getting a bad night’s sleep can have a big impact on your mood for the rest of the day (or week)!

And while some of these circumstances are within your control, some are not. Certain allergies and health complications may require dietary restrictions that spark lifestyle changes.

That’s exactly what happened to Veronica Garza, co-founder and president of Siete Foods. When she was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, she adopted a low-inflammation, grain-free diet, which eventually led to her creating the Siete Foods brand and developing National Grain-Free Day in 2019. Talk about passion!

Today, National Grain-Free Day is a day for individuals with certain digestive disorders to gather with loved ones and share a grain-free meal, and raise awareness of the benefits of a grain-free diet.

What does it mean to be grain-free, and why is it so important?

A grain-free diet means you should avoid eating all grains, as well as grain-derived foods. This includes:

  • bread
  • pasta
  • muesli
  • oatmeal
  • dried corn
  • rice cakes
  • breakfast cereals
  • pastries
  • cookies

 Grain-free diets are so important because they are a great solution for individuals who suffer from conditions like celiac disease, gluten intolerance, autoimmune diseases, and other digestive disorders.

But the benefits aren’t limited to these groups alone. A grain-free diet is also a great dietary regulator for those who may just want to make a personal choice to transform the foods they eat.

For individuals in both groups, eating a grain-free diet can help promote healthy digestion, reduce inflammation, and stabilize blood sugar levels. 

Go grain-free with macadamia nuts!

Did you know that macadamias, like most nuts, are grain-free? Yep! These delicious little morsels contain no grains and are adaptable to fit a range of lifestyle diets.

For example, not only are macadamia nuts grain-free, but they’re also gluten-free, low carb, and full of ‘good fats’ that help your body absorb key vitamins and minerals and fight inflammation in the digestive tract.

Not to mention, macadamia nuts are very satiating. Meaning they provide a solid energy source for your body so you can stay fuller longer without worrying about blood sugar spikes.

That makes them the perfect snack on a long hike, a satisfying pre, and post-workout treat, or a nutrient-dense addition to almost any meal! Now that’s versatility!

Are macadamia nuts low-FODMAP?

Yes, they are!

FODMAP refers to 6 common types of carbs that some people have trouble digesting. When a person with certain digestive issues consumes foods that are high in FODMAPs, they may experience uncomfortable symptoms of digestive distress.

Nutritionists recommend a low-FODMAP diet to help these individuals more easily digest the foods they eat. Macadamia nuts are a great low-FODMAP option because they don’t contain any of the carbohydrates that typically irritate the digestive system.

That means macadamia nuts fall within the FODMAP threshold and can be safely consumed in moderation and as part of a balanced diet. Who knew something so delicious could have such an important impact?!


“Macadamia nuts are a great low-FODMAP option because they don’t contain any of the carbohydrates that typically irritate the digestive system.”

Looking to expand your health journey?

Whether you’re looking to transform your diet for personal reasons or if health circumstances have required you to alter your food choices, macadamia nuts can be a great addition to almost any lifestyle diet.

From their versatility in meals and snacks to their abundant ‘good fats’ and grain-free nature, macadamia nuts offer incredible potential and health benefits. And with a taste so decadent, you’ll want to celebrate them too! 

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