Let’s get creative! How to start adding macadamia nuts to your diet

Let’s get creative! How to start adding macadamia nuts to your diet

You may have heard of macadamia nuts in things like cookies or other baked goods… but did you know they’re great for more than just sweet treats?

Their natural goodness makes them a ready-to-go whole food for any occasion. Macadamias boast a decadent and creamy taste with a delightfully crunchy texture. That kind of versatility makes them a perfect addition to breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and almost any recipe!

Not to mention their incredible health benefits from ‘good fats’ and antioxidants that can lower cholesterol, support gut health, and may fight inflammation.

If you’re just now trying out macadamia nuts, here are some newbie tips for incorporating them into your meal prep and–hopefully–establishing them as a pantry staple.


Give them a try first

If you haven’t had a macadamia nut before… you’re in for a real delicacy. Start by trying them on their own either raw or roasted to get an idea of their taste, texture, and usability. There are many brands of macadamias available in markets and online, so you’ll be sure to find one you love. Once you try them plain, kick it up! Macadamia nuts can be purchased whole, halved, or in pieces and salted, unsalted, dry-roasted, flavored–you name it! It’s good to try them in a variety of styles until you fall for “the one” that works for you. And if you love them all–that’s okay too! (We won’t judge.)


Think about recipes you already love

Now that you’ve tried macadamias and gotten an idea of the taste, texture, and style, start thinking of ways that you could add them to the meals you already love. What are some of your favorite dishes that incorporate nuts? Think about how you can reinvent your favorite foods with a macadamia twist! Can’t think of anything?


Start small

We all know how some food trends work. You read about them, fall in love, try them once, and then maybe come back to them in a month… a year? But macadamias are so much more than a trend! That’s why if you’re new to using them, it’s important to start small. Find easy ways to add them to your diet as a whole food snack or topping in salads, soups, or oatmeals. That way, you’re starting with little to no prep and an easy way to enjoy these scrumptious nuts.


Get crafty!

Once you feel confident in your macadamia love, dive in! What are some creative ways you can use macadamias as a substitute for other nuts or snack? Macadamias make an excellent vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free substitute for products you already use so you can enjoy all the same recipes with the added benefit of being plant-based.


Note what you liked or didn’t like

How many times have you tried a new recipe you found online, loved every bit of it… and then forgot where you found it or what ingredients you used? No worries–we do it too! To help get ahead of this all-too-common occurrence, make a note of your favorites or save them to your social media pages for easy access. If you made a killer macadamia-crusted fish, save the recipe! If you weren’t a big fan of adding macadamias to your yogurt, remember that too so you can try them another way later on.


Creativity has no bounds

No matter your level of expertise in the kitchen, cooking should be an act of love. Love for your body, family, and a life worth living. Adding macadamia nuts to your meals is actually quite simple and so rewarding. Now, go on… see where macadamias can take you!


Why macadamias?

At love macadamia™ we believe passionately that healthy lifestyles are about balance. And with balance comes liveliness, joy, and creativity. The food we consume is paramount to the creativity we’re able to achieve. The beauty of macadamia nuts? They are incredibly versatile. So whether raw or roasted, whole or chopped, and in savory meals or sweet treats, macadamias are sure to fuel your creativity.

*The nutrition information is in alignment with the United States of America Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. This may differ in other countries.